3 Signs Your Car’s Brake Pads Need to Be Replaced

September 17, 2021
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Car brake pads are coverings on the calipers that provide friction to slow the vehicle to a stop. As the pads wear down over time, they become thin or uneven, which lowers their effectiveness and increases the risk of brake failure or accidents. Here are several possible warning signs that your brake pads need to be replaced.

How to Tell When You Need New Brake Pads

1. Longer Stopping Times

Brake fade, or slower response time when pressing the brake pedal, typically results from braking too aggressively over long periods, such as when going down hills or slowing quickly from high speeds. Overstressing the brakes creates more heat than the pad is rated to dissipate properly, causing the resin in the pads to overheat and release a gaseous film. This film interferes with the brake pads’ ability to create friction and can make them skid off the discs slightly, resulting in longer brake times.

This fade may sometimes be only temporary, but it can worsen if the brakes continue to be used too aggressively. It also may be caused by a problem with the brake fluid or by the brake pads being completely worn down. If you experience frequent brake fade, have an auto professional inspect the braking system to determine if the pads or fluid need to be replaced.

2. Loud Noises While Braking

Squealing sounds while braking may result when the car brake pads have worn down so much that the calipers begin making metal-on-metal contact with the rotors or discs. Leaving this problem unattended can permanently damage parts of the braking mechanism, resulting in more expensive repairs.

Grinding noises are typically due to the metal that is embedded in the brake pads to act as an early warning system. When the pads near the end of their lifespan, these metal parts are exposed and begin grinding loudly against the rotors to let you know that the pads are wearing out and need to be replaced soon.


3. Vibrations

Frequent shaking or vibrating when applying the brake could be linked to uneven wear on the brake pads. The resin material that helps decelerate the rotors through friction is meant to be spread evenly over the pad’s surface, but uneven wear or damage to the pad can cause it to wobble, creating vibrations that can be felt through the brake pedal. Uneven pads should be replaced before they become worse and affect your vehicle’s ability to brake safely.

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